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s am0nsec introduction

am0nsec's Introduction
Better response on post am0nsecGood morning/evening everyone,

Professionally I'm working as a security consultant , mostly conducting simulated attacks engagements. 

I'm interested by Windows and Microsoft-related technologies, hence why you never gonna see me ask or release something about Linux. To be honest this is also because I know very little about Linux.

I'm interested about a lot of things, probably too much actually, but here is a non-exhaustive list:
  • Writing C/C++/MASM/C# code;
  • Old school VX;
  • Threat intelligence;
  • Psychology; and
  • War history
For me writing VX and malware is about art and pushing the boundaries. I'm what we can consider a "white hat", and subsequently I will never sell my work nor conduct any illegal activities.
advocatus diaboli | cum lux abest, tenebrae vincunt
Thanks for the intro bro! This is the spirit... Code for fun and avoid crime...
Less ego, more code..

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