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Posting Links and Hiding Content´╗┐ (MUST READ)
The credentials to have access to our exclusive contents are based on trust, good contributions, board frequency and quality posts. The best way we found to motivate quality posts' was by creating a reward system based on reactions (Thank/Unthank button) and thread rating (stars).

Therefore, to create an ecosystem of meritocracy, we request that the contents (source code, links or secrets) be hidden by the "hide" tag as follows:

[hide] content to be hidden [/ hide] (Space added on purp
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Practical x64 Assembly and C++ Tutorials
[align=justify]A bunch of tutorials on how to use x64 Assembly (Assembler) to increase the speed of your programs. I want to make practical tutorials, not 'Hello World!'. Teaching people to 'Hello World!' in Assembly won't speed up their algorithms. I hope to get to MMX, SSE2/3/4, AVX and any other SIMD extensions. I want to show that hand coding Assembly is not difficult, it makes more sense in many aspects than C++. The rules and restrictions placed on programmer's in high level languages all