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Hello guys,

Every new member is supposed to write down some fast presentation in this section with some info about skills, interests and whatever you like that others members know about you.
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TMZ here
Hello all,

I'm TMZ (guitmz) and I've been around for a while in several forums/communities. My skills and interests are computer viruses, reverse engineering (beginner), ASM (mainly x64, not a pro), Golang, C, Opensource and just wish I had more time in my life to pursuit my hobbies Smile !
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o/ Checking-in,

I'm ulexec, 

I've been writing offensive tools as a hobby for research purposes over 5 years with an emphasis in Encoders, Packers and File-Infectors, mostly for Linux although I have also tried to port some of my projects to Windows.
I am also interested in Malware Research, Threat Intelligence and all things Reverse Engineering.

Glad to be part of EO!  Big Grin
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am0nsec's Introduction
Good morning/evening everyone,

Professionally I'm working as a security consultant , mostly conducting simulated attacks engagements. 

I'm interested by Windows and Microsoft-related technologies, hence why you never gonna see me ask or release something about Linux. To be honest this is also because I know very little about Linux.

I'm interested about a lot of things, probably too much actually, but here is a non-exhaustive list:
  • Writing C/C++/MASM/C# code;
  • Old schoo
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A tonyweb introduction
Hi guys and gals,
thank you for accepting my registration to your board.

I found the board almost by chance, while looking for something else on Google, but found good and interesting thread titles and tried my luck Wink
I'm  mainly a java dev and an always wonnabe reverse engineer: I started quite long ago but I'm still a rookie. Have some basic experience in patching/keygenning native and managed stuff, but versus strong protectors I always fail Blush

Thanks to your help I'll try to