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welcome aboard

Welcome aboard!
To be sure our community will remain a safe and respectful place, a bunch of rules were specified with different degrees of importance.
Our staff will ensure those rules are carefully respected. Be sure to understand each of them.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact a staff member.

Global Rules

Content hiding policy (MUST READ!):
Introduction to other members:
  • Every subject related to fraud are strictly forbidden.
  • Do not involve our community in any malicious or unethical actions.
  • Leaking content without the preliminary authorization of the content owner is strictly forbidden. We are constantly monitoring other communities and websites.
  • Publishing / Sharing content owned by legitimate companies including Software Licenses, Cracked Software, Courses, Documents without the preliminary authorization of the owner is strictly forbidden. We are not a Warez website.
  • Be aware when publishing new content to not harm our members, if you are not sure of your content safety, write a big banner saying content should be used with caution.
  • Exposing identity of community members is strictly forbidden even if it wasn't for bad intention. Respect the privacy of each members.
  • Our community is made of member all around the world. You must write your content in English.
  • Flaming wars, Trolling, Hate are not positive for our community, if you have an issue with someone, please use PM.
  • Upload attachments and contents directly to the board. If attachment is to big to be attached, please use exceptionally an external service.
  • Don't forget to credit the the content author after prior authorization.
  • Put effort in creating quality and well presented content.

Facts to keep in mind
  • Keep an ethical mentality, do not use available content for unethical actions.
  • Every post related to FRAUD = Instant ban!
  • Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
  • Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others.

Less ego, more code..

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