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degoosploit v1 infinite generator storage

Infinite Storage Generator - DegooSploit v1.0
Part #0 - Introduction
By: backslash

Hello Everyone, it has been a while since I have made a high quality post on Ax0nes so I wanted to bring you a tool I coded since I think we have all have or had an issue with storage. This tool erases this issue in a matter of minutes. There is a site called which is a hosting site, on signup they give you a 100 free gigabytes, however on top of that they will give you additional storage depending on if you invite other people so you can cap out and have roughly 600gbs of storage per account. Seeing this I wrote a tool which allows you to generate accounts for the site. In this writeup I will be discussing how the tool works and how to use it. Enjoy

[Image: OO6FSH.png]
Part #1 - Setup

Setting up DegooSploit is incredibly easy. First off make sure you have python installed. I am currently running python 3.7.7 which can be downloaded here. After you have python installed (and added to path if your a windows user) make sure you head over to the directory storing all the files to DegooSploit within command line. Then run

pip install -r requirements.txt

I'd also encourage you to get some good https proxies, the better the proxies the more luck you will have using DegooSploit.Once your finished waiting for the python libraries to finish installing your now ready to run and use Degoosploit.

Part #2 - Usage

Using DegooSploit is incredibly easy mainly because there are 2 main modes. The first mode exploits the use of there invite system to boost your total storage (DISCLAIMER: after using this to max out storage for a ton of accounts they for sure caught on and started cracking down on this tool being used. It still works however I would encourage you to stop once you've reached 300-400gbs in free storage for one day then you can resume it the next day to max out storage.) For you to use the invite mode you need to first create a valid invite so head over to the invite page.
[Image: wVHH1z.png]

Once you have the valid invite code your not finished, you need to open up the invite code in a new tab and open up your development tools using ctrl-shift-i (for most browsers at least) head over to the network tab and try to create an account on that specific login page.
[Image: LsT2k6.png]

Now look at the signup page and find the value for "Invite".

[Image: K2y0E2.png]
In this case my invite code is "cAreuR39suNPI". Now lets run DegooSploit with our invite code.
[Image: qloLk2.png]
Depending on the quality of your proxies it can take anywhere from a few seconds to create an account to a few minutes. Regardless however once you create an account it will not only be used in a mysql database however if you check your actual storage space you should see it increasing. As of right now this is unpatched and works without any issues. There is also a second mode which you can use for DegooSploit which doesn't rely on any invite code.
[Image: 00iT95.png]
To make it not use any invite code just enter nothing and it will generate accounts and store them in your mysql database.

[b]Part #3 - Conclusion[/b]

To sum up this writeup, DegooSploit is designed to exploit a site which fails to impose proper security measures to prevent botting, this allows you to generate terabytes worth of storage which you can use. Even if you don't cap out max invites on your main account you can still use the hundreds of accounts which you generated and use there 100gbs worth of stoarge. If you have any questions or if they put in place a temp patch let me know, I'll happily update and patch this tool when needed.

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