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24 blm edition dimitarserg by 3 anti jeb

JEB 3.24 Anti-BLM Edition by DimitarSerg
Better response on post JEB 3.24 Anti-BLM Edition by DimitarSerg[Image: oaFidUi.png]

Maximum license type (copying, scripts, etc. work now).
Fixed all integrity checks/timebombs.
All the telemetry’s been cut out.
Removed the update checks and other shit that tries to connect to the Internet.
Added/reconstructed saving/loading project function.
Decompilation of missing opcodes for Android has been restored.
Restored display of variable values when hovering over them during debugging (Android).
Decompiling for other platforms was fixed (tested x86/x64, webAssembly, MIPS, ARM).

Added new option “Use BlueStacks adb” which allows the use of HD-Adb.exe from BlueStacks folder instead of default adb.exe for easy debugging using BlueStacks emulator.

Replace the original jeb.jar and jebc.jar with fixed.
Register it with Keygen (run it, serial will be copied to clipboard)
Installer (
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Fixed jeb.jar, jebc.jar and keygens:
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