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Practical x64 Assembly and C++ Tutorials
[align=justify]A bunch of tutorials on how to use x64 Assembly (Assembler) to increase the speed of your programs. I want to make practical tutorials, not 'Hello World!'. Teaching people to 'Hello World!' in Assembly won't speed up their algorithms. I hope to get to MMX, SSE2/3/4, AVX and any other SIMD extensions. I want to show that hand coding Assembly is not difficult, it makes more sense in many aspects than C++. The rules and restrictions placed on programmer's in high level languages all
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FDBG x64 debugger
FDBG is a command line debugger written in FASM. It supports x64 and runs on Linux, Windows (optional GUI version available) and UEFI.

Website and download:
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Windows GUI by tthsqe with AVX support:
[Image: http://fdbg.x86asm.net/fdbg000C_screenshot.png]
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